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Business Strategy & Corporate Finance

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nothing replaces a presence close to your operations

Because the world changes every day,

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Listening to you, understanding your challenges accurately,
moving forward together

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Why « We Go Parners » ?

Because, well beyond « giving advice », our approach is to engage with you towards value creation; Value, both for the women and men involved on a project and for their companies.

Being partners over time, whatever the difficulties and challenges, with pragmatism, in complete confidence and confidentiality.

The “Go” is a movement, a strategy and a state of mind applicable to the individual fulfilment and the achievement of organizations’ goals.

Overcome prejudices and the too frequent « yes, but », to build a dynamic tailor-made to each situation.


Together, let’s make your project come true

A listening team

We Go Partners’ teams give priority to an individual and custom-made long-term approach, adapted to each of their customers. The listening and the understanding of each partner lie at the heart of our process.

Solid skills

The recognized operational experiences of the company’s founders as well as their will to involve expert and creative profiles are the security of the success of your projects.

Satisfied customers

For 25 years, a very large number of French and international companies have trusted the founders on different kinds of operations such as: capital & debt restructuring, project management, fundraising, strategic partnerships …

They have already trusted us

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